Since 2002, we have been giving support and service to you by doing our best with our experienced business partners, AKPINAR REDUCER MOTOR, with our experienced team members about the sales and applications of electric motor, reducer, electromagnetic brake.

In this scope, we produce electric motors which can be fitted with the AKMS brand AKMS brand, which is our own brand, and the three-phase low-center full-protection circular saw, specially manufactured for Bridge Cutting and Cutting Machines used in Marble, Granite and Woodworking Sectors.

And also ; GAMAK, VOLT, ABANA, MIX, EMTAŞ Motors, OZTEKFEN, YILMAZ and BONFİGLİOLİ Reductors continue to sell without interruption.

In the machine sector growing every day, we work continuously to improve ourselves, open to all kinds of innovations, we do not define the limits of our investments and offer you perfection.

In order to expand the design development and information network in 2014, we brought a new breath to the sector and sold our electric motors and reducers as well as manufacturing of special gearboxes in company-oriented machine parks.

Your valuable customers are used in various machine manufacturing; electric motors, reducers, electromagnetic brakes, gear wheels, etc., from a single point.

In addition to these services, we have also been producing soft and electromagnetic brakes in various sizes and strengths with our own brand BRAKELLI as% 100 local production in Electro Magnetic Brake Group in our factory which has a closed area of ​​1000 square meters in the Çalı Industrial Zone since 1.5 years.

Also in our factory; We produce all kinds of gears from 1 mod to 10 modular and 800 mm diameter and we produce every design of power and torque specially designed gears. All the parts used in electromagnetic brake production and special design reducer manufacturing are also made by experienced cadres in our machine park in our TORNA, HOLDING, CNC TURNING, MILLING, CLAMPING, BROOKING, BALANCING and other machines.